Frontline Sheet Metal have built up an inventory of updated machines with fast and efficient workflows meaning that we can give you the benefits of a cost effective service.

Frontline Workshop Milling Machines

1. In house processes to assist with design.

2. CNC Programming from customers dxf files or drawings using Radan 2011 software and Amada Dr Abe and Amada AP100 3d software.

3. CNC Lasering using the Amada F1 with automated Tower capable of processing 9 tonne of sheet unmanned, giving us the capability of running 24hrs.

4. Brakepress Folding using either Amada 2.5mtr high speed 80 tonne, 3mtr-100 tonne and 4mtr-170 tonne. All of which are HFE 7 Axis CNC controlled machines.

Frontline Sheetmetal 4m Guillotine5. Guillotine up to 4mtr. Thickness from 0.5mm up to 16mm depending on the material.

6. Welding using the latest Miller Inverter Tig sets, Murex Mig sets and ESAB Aluminium programmable Mig.
(Coded welding achieved in certain materials).

7. Finishing. Grindmaster with dust extraction and various hand tools. Aluminium and ferrous dust extraction benches.

8. CNC Manual punching using Weidermann Centrum and Press Shear Strippit.

9. Various sheet metal equipment including Amada Versa Notcher, Pemserters, Power Rollers, Semi Sutomatic Saw, Pillar Drills, Facette Star Deburring System.

10. CNC Precision Machining with 3D Cad Cam using VMC 800 Digital with 4th Axis, VMC 600 Digital and VMC 600 XP with 4th Axis. Hitachi Seiki, Lathe with Bar Feed and Driven Tooling. Various manual machines.

11. Inspection and Testing using Aberlink Axiom CMM Measuring Machine. Grade 1 Gauge Blocks. Digital Height Gauge and Various Verniers and Thread Gauges.

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